The Abyss Collection

You will feel nothing… but faster.

You. The triathlete. Pushing yourself to the depths in order to reach new heights. Devoting time and energy into getting the most out of your personal performance across three disciplines. You should expect nothing less from your gear. What motivates you also inspires us to develop forward-thinking designs and patterns in order to produce the most innovative training and racing apparel for triathletes looking for every advantage.

The Abyss Collection is available in SP2 & SP3.

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  • Second skin fit

    Second Skin Fit

    Compressive elements to support and move with the athlete. Seams designed to disappear. 

  • carbon mesh fabric

    Carbon Mesh Fabric

    For heat regulation, breathability, and durability. Leave the heat behind you. 

  • Functional back pockets

    Functional Pockets

    To support your endurance nutrition while maintaining sleek aerodynamics.

 Abyss SP2 Jerseys

SP2: Designed for the dedicated athlete ready to go to the next level

The SP2 line provides:

• Elevated performance compression for improved muscle support.

• Carbon-weave mesh for increased breathability and faster drying time.

• Bacteriostatic fibers that prevent odor.

Abyss SP3

SP3: The first step for new triathletes and for everyday training

The SP3 line provides:

• Three different technical fabrics for heat regulation and breathability, accelerated drying and maximum comfort, and aerodynamics.

• Second skin fit that is compressive without being restrictive while providing optimal aerodynamics.

Tri Shorts: If you are looking for a premium performance short, look no further.

The Spaero Tri Shorts Provide:

• Second skin fit that is compressive without being restrictive.

• Optimal aerodynamics.

• Signature side pockets keep nutrition snug with easy access.